Mechanical Bunny Boutique

In honor of our newest affiliate, I present to you some of the finds from their site!

While it does take a little bit to get past some of the keywords (Some of the stuff that is listed as Lolita could be if done right, but otherwise, they did pretty decent.) they do have some great finds, both Western Gothic and Lolita style.

Sale Section Pick:
Black Skirt With Juicy Strawberry
While not goth or Lolita, this skirt is reminiscent of Fruits style, and would make a great addition to really any wardrobe.

Thrift Store Pick:
Sweet White Dolly Lolita Petticoat Slip
A petticoat slip! Now there really is no excuse to not have a petticoat under your dress/skirt! Slip is adjustable as well, and fits up to a 34C bust/29" waist

Accessories Pick:
Cute Rockabilly Gingham Skull Bows
A little bit rock and roll, a little bit cute! Would go great with a punk look, or Meta's gingham jumper that I absolutely covet!

Dresses Pick:
Purple Corset Laced Dress
A corset lacing style Western Goth dress. I love it in purple!! (though the color looks horrendous on me!)

Pants Pick:
Ruby Gloom PJ Pants
I love PJ's. ^_^ And these are very cute to wear to your next Punk/Goth PJ party.

Skirts Pick:
Tripp Purple Petticoat Gothic Lolita Skirt
I wouldn't do this as outerwear, unless it was for a punk or deconstructed look. Would make a great petticoat and add lots of pouf to a purple/black combination.

Tops Pick:
FaeriesMak CutiePie CupCake Top
Great for casual Lolita, maybe minus the leopard print bow.

Plus Size Pick:
Beautiful Blue Laced Princess Top
Add a white blouse underneath and a cute blue skirt and you have your next sweet Lolita/casual Lolita coordinate!

So there's my picks for Mechanical Bunny. They have lots of great stuff for Gothic, rockabilly, and punk girls, as well as some things that could work out well with Lolita!

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