Gothic Lolita Fashion- Hot or Not?

So, while browsing through some pics on LJ, I found this number. Not horrible, but could use some work. Let's go from the top down.

Hair: She could have done something more with it besides just a ponytail. Ponytails are boring. With an outfit like that, she should have at least curled it and then done ponytails, or down and curls. (I love curls!) A cute thin headband would have added nicely for a simple accessory. I adore thin Goody Headbands for just about everything, because there really is no wrong way to do wear them, and they look cute in any hairstyle.

Make-up: Can't really see her makeup too well, but at least she hasn't done outrageous eyeliner reserved for Jrockers, Heavy Metal rockers, emo kids, or pop-punk bands. No white face=bonus as does no crazy lipstick.

Dress: I think the dress is adorable, especially for Shiro-Lolita. Maybe the bows on the bottom of the dress could have been tied a little neater so that the ribbons don't hang down as much.

Shoes: No sandals please! I know that it's hot out, but those sandals remind me of junior high, and that was not a good time in fashion. (Aka, Late 90's) A pair of Mary Janes would have done nicely seeing as it's summer (well, at least warm weather) and you don't want ankle sweat and blisters ruining your day! A cute pair of (light knit) socks would also keep her from blisters and ankle sweat. ^_^

All in all, not a horrible outfit, especially if it was her first time dressing in Lolita, needs some refinement to make it a truly great outfit.
I give this outfit a 6/10.

If you think that this outfit could use anything else, or you think I'm totally off in my judgement of this outfit and improvements, please leave some feedback! It's always greatly appreciated!

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