Gothic Lolita Fashion- Shoes

It's sometimes hard to find shoes and boots like those found in the Gothic Lolita Bibles, especially when you have larger feet. Japanese sizing is different from American sizing and as we all know, the Japanese have smaller feet than us Americans. I have done some searching and have found Gothic boots and Lolita style boots for all your shoe needs, along with prices, sizes, and commentary

*If you have ordered from these sites or have these shoes, please leave some feedback to let me and everyone else know about quality of shoes and the service you have gotten from this site.

Price: $59.25 USD
Black Gothic Lace up boots.
Sizes range from Men's 4 (Women's 6) to a Men's 12 (Women's 14) so they are available for many shoe sizes.
Very basic boots for a Gothic look. If you're looking for some boots that aren't outrageously expensive to go with your Kuro or punk look, these would coordinate very well. Not sure on quality of shoes, but appear to be well constructed. Nothing overly special though, since they are pretty much as basic as you can get for tall Gothic boots.

Price: 62.90 USD
Black Gothic Fur-Trimmed boots
Sizes: Men's 6 (Women's 8) and Men's 10 (women's 12) are the only sizes currently available.
Very cute for winter themed Lolita look.

Price: 65.35 USD
Camel colored Fur-trimmed platform boots
Sizes: Men's 5+6 (women's 7+8)
Much like the black boots above, but have different trim and are in a camel colored suede. Great for sweet winter Lolita (especially in a tan, off-white, or pink coordinate).

Price: 41.80 USD
White and Black creeper with kitty face
Sizes: Men's 4-9 (Women's 6-11)
Cute shoe, would go well with a casual Lolita look. As long as accessories are kept to a minimum, these shoes would coordinate with almost any casual Lolita look.

Price: 38.25 USD
Black platform Mary-Janes
Sizes: Women's 6-10 (men's 4-8)
Basic platform Mary Jane, made by Demonia. Goes well with Kuro, Punk, or Casual Lolita. A staple of many Gothic Lolita's wardrobes for years. The only color they come in is black though.

Price: 46.95
Black or Camel Platform Shoes
Sizes: Women's 6-10 (Men's 4-8)
Very cute shoe. Would fit best with a casual look, though sweet Lolita would also be a good choice for the camel colored ones, while the black ones would fit well with a Kuro or Punk look. Once again, Demonia brand.

Price: 45.99
Black Platform Mary Janes with Star Cutout
Sizes: Women's 6-10 (Men's 4-8)
These are some adorable black Gothic platform Mary Janes! Would take a little effort to pull off correctly, but with a Kuroor punk look, it's a lot easier. Demonia brand.

Price: 44.99 USD
Platform studded sandals.
Sizes: Women's 6-10 (Men's 4-8)
Normally, I wouldn't recommend sandals for Gothic Lolita fashion, but sometimes you just need to let your summer lolita out!! These would be great for Mana-style cosplay since he's just so out there sometimes! Perfect for those really hot days when you don't feel like wearing socks or closed toe shoes. I wouldn't recommend wearing socks with these, as I really hate that look, and you don't really want too much stuff going on at your feet when you want people to notice your fabulous new one peice!!

Price: 74.99
Platform Boots with fur trim and star cutout heel.
Sizes: Women's 6-10 (Men's 4-8)
These are really cute boots! Just enough fur trim for your winter Lolita outfit, but not so much that it's tacky! These boots would go well with Kuro, Shiro, Casual, or Sweet styles. My personal favorite out of the trio is the white pair! Those would go with just about any Shiro or Sweet look for winter. Just imagine those shoes, a fur-trimmed jacket and hood, and your cutest outfit on a peaceful winter day. Mmmhmm... Demonia Brand.

Price: 44.99 USD
Chunky Heeled Red and Black Mary Janes with small bow.
Sizes: Women's 6-12 (Men's 4-10)
These shoes just stood out so much on this site! A basic black Mary Jane heeled shoe with that cute little contrasting red bow! These shoes would be an excellent touch to a red and black outfit, or just a little splash of color with a Kuro coordinate!

Price: 39.99 USD
Chunky Platform Heeled Black Mary Jane with white lace trim.
Sizes: Women's 6-12 (men's 4-10)
I know, these shoes are a dream for many Chii cosplayers and fans of the infamous Bodyline dress, yet, there's just something about them that screams: WEAR ME NOW! Would go quite well with Kuro or a black and white coordinate. Also comes in a version without the ankle strap (charade23)

Price: 54.99 USD
Red Plaid and black boot.
Sizes: Women's 6-12 (Men's 4-10)
There are really only two looks that you could do with these boots. Punk or that plaid dress coordinate from Baby. I guess you could try to do a punk aristocrat kind of thing with these, or Kodona.

Price: 44.95 USD (on sale!)
Camel colored suede mary jane style flat
Sizes: Women's 6-10 (Men's 4-8) ALSO IN HALF SIZES!
Very cute shoes, can be used in casual or sweet lolita coordinates. Can also be worn with everyday wear. If you're afraid of heights, these shoes are perfect for you! Skechers brand.

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